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Are You in Charge of Your Thoughts?

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Until recently, the concept of understanding ourselves, was not something anyone paid much attention to. Our thoughts are concepts that only we can conceptualize and make a reality. No one has any right to venture into the perimeters of our thoughts without our permission. We were and always have been the masters of our thoughts, until, things took a modern twist.
In today’s modern world, self-help gurus from all over the world remind us that we have the power in our minds to make any dream come true; just by visualizing our dreams. And since thoughts have power, we have the power to shape any future into every possibility.
If there is any truth in these thought-provoking exercises, only one prominent rule stands out, and that is, you are the only person in total control of your own thoughts. Immaterial of what you may have studied, practiced or even read, no one can make absolute sense to you, unless you wished to understand it yourself.
Since our time of birth, we have been provided with all the necessary tools for survival and this was something we inherited. Given our birthright to survive in the worst of calamities, we are all born thinkers. The pre-historic Man created tools for hunting, ignited fire for cooking, cultivated crops and fended for his family – incurring the processes of the reasoning power to conjure thoughts to create warmth, to feed the stomach and to stay alive.
When the thought process was already exemplified from long before our time, why is it, modern man, with all the privileges of the world, still require assistance in visualization and mind- empowerment?
Visualization and mind-empowering workshops and books have come about simply because, we are constantly searching for answers. We are looking to understand our actions and our reasoning powers, to mould ourselves and to cushion ourselves, so that we better ourselves, against the backdrop of our modern landscape.
Life has provided us with so many challenges that sometimes, we wonder why certain things happen to us. Why are we constantly bombarded with one hurdle after the other, to the point that we retaliate, do injustice and destroy ourselves and others, in the process. Inadvertently, in such circumstances, vision becomes blur, thinking becomes clouded and nothing makes any sense whatsoever.
At the doorsteps of darkness, we turn to any help available in the marketplace. From meditation to hanging on the lips of celebrity gurus, we have ventured so far away from our true intent and purpose that in the name of self-transformation, we are born again.
Are we truly in charge of our thoughts, you ask, when the Drama, Trauma and Karma (DTK) of our lives, depends on our thought patterns and how we perceive the world to be, is intrinsically, resting on how we think!
Take charge of your own thoughts and be the change you want to see in the world. After all, this is your life, and you deserve to have it the way you deem it fit.
by Jade Wong

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