Many people today, who have undergone formal schooling, do not have life survival skills, having only acquired learning for school (i.e. academic education), which they do not KNOW how to apply usefully in the real world. We already know from years of recent history that it is no longer necessarily those who do well in school that go on to achieve success in life. It used to be so, when paid employment was the primary destination for people who finished school/learning.

In today’s technology enhanced world, anyone with the ability to quickly acquire new skills and create/add tangible VALUE can become successful in virtually any area of endeavor s/he ventures. The skills required for survival and success have LONG changed. All around us today for instance, we see school dropouts employing university graduates.

The following quote underscores the point I have made

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write. They will be those who cannot learn, unlearn or re-learn.” – Alain Tofle

But humans, quite typically, are often reluctant to change the way they think. We continue to send kids to school with the mental attitude from the days of the industrial revolution. We continue to push them to think in terms of outwitting their friends/classmates in class. We encourage them to see those who do not do well in academics as “lesser” than them.

The Wrong Approach To Education?

Over the decades for some unfathomable reason, educators in some societies have gradually phased out technical schools that taught practical, life/vocational skills and replaced them with schools of “theoretical” learning which we call universities. These institutions churn out graduates unable to “think” and incapable of applying most of the learning they acquired to useful purposes in society, in a way that adds sustainable value.


– Tayo Solagbade (Self-Development/Performance Enhancement Specialist, USA)

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