Not many of us are aware that we have been practicing yoga all our lives. Yoga is not only a form of exercise or a moment in quiet silence, it is also about living – combining a practical philosophy of health and wellbeing along with the art of giving and sacrificing.
Yoga today has myriads of interpretations; moving so far away from its original intent and purposes. Yoga is merely, living – and living in the now. It is a name synonymous to the preservation of life; a practice that heightens our interest in looking out for ourselves and for the interest of others around us. It incorporates salient values that completes us as human beings and provides us the esteem we require to stand steadfast in our beliefs of wellness and living. Our daily physical and emotional contribution to our family is yoga; our charity to victims of disaster or the needy, is an act of yoga and our thirst to heighten our knowledge is also yoga. Hence, yoga is not a format of exercise that stays strictly in the classroom; it is a way of life.
Yoga provides us the tools we require for sustenance, stamina and clarity of thought, to help see our journey in the most pristine of ways. A journey that is fulfilling and wholesome; one that stands testimony to our children and their children, that life is truly abundant of love and possibilities!
This magazine is our proclamation that we are a community wanting the best for life – in preserving our planet for ourselves and our children; in upholding the values that are sacred to man and in highlighting the goodness of this existence. It is our mission to create awareness where darkness has taken domain and to provide holistic alternatives in the name of that preservation. It is also about taking life, one step at a time, in being mindful, adding the basic instances of life, into our very complex and stress-filled modern way of living.
Being the premier yoga magazine in Malaysia, our task will prove to be a journey that is less trodden by and certainly, one, that will be our ultimate contribution to reinstating the goodness of life.
From yoga new to wellness, to alternative therapies, YOGALife endows its readers with the latest developments and information on the transition of yoga and holistic wellness in the current world.
With that in mind, our vision is to complete our readers on and off the mat.

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