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Massage to Ease Pregnancy

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As much as most of us would find it hard to believe, the process of pregnancy actually consists of thirteen months: two months before conception, nine months of pregnancy and another two months of post delivery.

As long as the body is undergoing changes, the hormonal balances in the body run haywire, causing there to be body aches, mood swings and sometimes physical disability. This is probably one of the most trying and demanding times of human life where the progression of conception to childbirth requires more than what meets the eye.

It seems that pregnancy is also the time when one is reminded time and again to go slower and to calm down whenever possible. Whatever the mother experiences, the child inside her also gets the effects of the experiences. Under such circumstances, it is always best to indulge in healthy discussions as well as a healthy lifestyle. It appears that this is the only time in a woman’s life when she actually takes the time to select the food she eats, pick out the exercise regime that would make complete sense for baby and her and also, instinctively cause her to choose activities that will keep her smiling and brimming with joy. One of the oldest forms of therapies applied frequently during pregnancy is massage. Considered to be still popular during the modern times, massage therapy is the best available therapy for the woman embarking on the path of motherhood. Known as prenatal massage, pregnancy massage is specifically tailored for the pregnant mothers’ needs.

The stimulating essence of massage allows pregnant mothers to wind down and feel composed, healthy, and reassured during a period of physical and emotional stress.

The recognition of prenatal massage is the consequence of a fashion toward a higher level of wellness, especially during pregnancy. More and more women are becoming empowered to know that pregnancy need not be a labourious affair or a period when the woman shies away from the world

It is essential to incorporate massage therapy:

  • before pregnancy since massage may aid with women who find it difficult to conceive;
  • throughout pregnancy, as it eases body aches and pains and thus make pregnancy easier;
  • during labour to reduce stress and help relax the muscles between contractions; and
  • post-delivery as it aids with the recuperation process as well as helps to keep mother calm to deal with the challenges ahead
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