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Meditation for Wellbeing and Abundance

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Meditation is a choice that is personal in nature. It is a mode of practice or discipline that requires the meditator to apply the techniques and the methodology that is necessary to ease the process.

Yet, there is really no right or wrong way to meditate – it is after all, a technique that is supposed to be sacred and privileged only to the ‘meditator’. Having said that, meditation is about drawing your focus or attention inwards, forgetting the external surroundings and circumstances.
Why many people meditate is also a personal preference. Some meditate to calm down whilst others feel that this is the only time or moment which makes complete sense to them. Whatever the reason, meditation has many benefits that will make life a lot simpler and joyous.
There are today a great variety of meditation techniques available for all kinds of situations in life. [blockquote author=”” pull=”pullright”]One of the key features of meditation is focus. By allowing our mind and body to stay connected throughout the meditation practice, we can bring a great deal of bliss and harmony in our lives.[/blockquote]

Meditation has today become a boon for modern day living; what more with guided meditation techniques which guides the meditator through the entire process, showing and journeying the practice with the intention of helping the meditator get accustomed to the practice before allowing one to control one’s senses for one’s own meditative development.

As meditation techniques differ from school to school, the main objective of meditation is to quieten the mind and the activity that perpetually surrounds human existence. It is like looking at life in slow motion, which allows the mind to pick out the oddities that are suppressed in the deepest abyss of the person with the hope of personal transformation.

It is said that when you frequently practice meditation, your body reverberates with an aura that is captivating and peaceful.

Meditation initially started as a form of discipline to enhance spiritual awareness. Today, meditation is offered as corporate courses to stop the impulsiveness of human dissimilarities and to focus on what is important to the wellbeing and the health of the person and the community he lives in.


However with living in our current times, it seems that meditation can be an impossible feat that demands more than the time a person can afford even to break for lunch. No one has time any more to witness the majestic procession of life, as did the sages of the ancient times. Today, we are overpowered by our needs to meet with datelines or to be the first one there, that there is no time even to recollect on what our needs really are. We get burnt out with fatigue and the crazy war for material possession that before we know it, we have lost out on the existence of the present moment.

Meditation allows us that space in time to slow down and to feel who we intrinsically are and to give us back the joy that we have bartered with our fanatical aspirations to excel.

As much as we can go on and on talking about the health benefits of meditation, it still remains to be a practice that is widely accepted. Nonetheless, it is the only ticket we need to sustain better health and living.

One of the key features of meditation is focus. By allowing our mind and body to stay connected throughout the meditation practice, we can bring a great deal of bliss and harmony in our lives. The vital element here is breath. By focusing on our breath and the way our body corresponds to every inhalation, we are involuntarily freed of our bondages of the materialistic world. We are freed of our attachment to our surroundings and the people in it. We become one with our true self, letting go the unnecessary and embracing the vital ‘prana’ that keeps us in balance.

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