The resonating echoes of ancient mountains and the sounds of patters of rains, all instinctively awaken emotions asleep, in the deep recesses of our beings. Since music has been known to stimulate many emotions in man, it would surely be true to say, that man is constantly moved by ancient tunes that connects him to a time, long, long before.
Such is true of the music of Prem Joshua. Prem, (Sanskrit for ‘Love’), has translated many of life’s elements into musical tunes, making it more apparent for listeners worldwide to proclaim the beauty of life itself.
Describing it as, “the best international language without words which anyone can understand,” Prem’s music is today, a genre of World Music. He believes that his music is the herald of another world, blending all cultures through music, only for a better humanity.
With inspirations as spontaneous as breathing, Prem is the epitome of life in music. His name has become synonymous to the word ‘fusion’, as he continues to conjure inspiring “languages”, from the sounds of nature.
Translating his passion for life into music, Prem is, as one of his earliest album was called, No Goal But The Path (1991), journeying along life’s path, embracing all the experiences and magically invoking music from them without any pre-planned goal to arrive at.
Lauded as “The Guru of Fusion” by the Times of India, Prem’s blend of meditation and trance music provides any of his musical composition, the platform for total release – of letting go and living the moment, in awe of life’s gifts.
Prem’s musical compositions aim to stimulate the chakras, (the seven energy centers in the human body), providing any listener, the space beyond time. Merging with contemporary tunes with his ardent companion, Chintan Relenberg, they synergize to make a wholesome whole – a signature of Prem Joshua.
Merging the East with the West, ancient and the contemporary, sitar, bamboo flute and the keyboard, Prem has kept his music as moving and as vivid as the civilization as man. He has made his music ‘home’, to millions all around the world and kept alive tunes that intrinsically vibrate in all living things.
His philosophy of life is simple – “the best things in life are for free”. Taking those elements which are already given and translating them into music, almost miraculously create their own deliverance.
“Nothing is or was ever planned; everything happened on their own,” says Prem, relating even how Chintan Relenberg had become part of his ensemble.
As music is the food of his love, Prem, continues to play on, bagging accolades of praises everywhere he goes; reinventing the sounds of nature and harmonizing them into trance-like tunes that reverberate in the progression of time.

by Sujata Nandy

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