SUKSHMA VYAYAMA is an ancient discipline of yoga which is not known to most of the modern schools of Yoga.

The asanas taught in Sukshma Vyayama exercises each and every part of the body. Each organ, joint and muscle has its own unique set of exercises with its own type of breathing and specific points of mental concentration.

This discipline of yoga works on the subtle body rather than the gross body, the main components being:-

  •  Breath – varies from very light to very fast rhythms of breath
  •  Concentration
  •  Asanas/ Postures

It combines subtle yogic warm ups with gentle stretching, breathing and relaxation. Regular practise of this discipline can cure and prevent many health problems by enhancing and strengthening the vitality of all the organs and systems in the body. A Sukshma Vyamana sequence covers every part of the body starting from the top of the head and ending at the tips of the toes.

Top of the head – focusing on the various parts of the brain
– Sensory Organs – eyes, nose, ears
– Neck
– Shoulders, Arms and Joints
– Joints in the fingers and fingertips
– Upper & Middle chest
– Abdomen
– Thighs, Buttocks, organs like the rectum, anus and bladder
– Knees, Ankles, Foot, Muscles, Joints in the foot
– All the toes

The asanas are incredibly powerful, deep and profound. Yet, they are so simple that even a ten year old can easily practise and benefit from them. People who are unable to perform the normal yoga postures due to health constraints will be able to participate in Sukshma Vyayama very comfortably.

A living example is Swami Yogananada, a 99 year old yogi from Madhya Pradesh, India who is the epitome of perfect health. He has perfect vision, hearing and a full and excellent set of teeth. He attributes his youthfulness and vigour to over 60 years of practising this simple yet powerful brand of yoga.

Swami Yogananda’s favourite quote is “Allopathy and Homeopathy are like the Lower Courts, Ayurveda the High Court and Sushma Vyayama the Supreme Court” – that says it all.

Swami Yogananda will be conducting a series of Sukshma Vyayama workshops in Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Do not miss the opportunity to meet this amazing Yogi in Penang from 28th January – 1st February and in Kuala Lumpur from 2nd- 6th February.

Call 012-6564943 (KL), 012-4195931 (Penang) for further details.


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