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How to Meditate in Minutes

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Meditation is one of the easiest techniques you can learn to refuel your body! mind and spirit” While many of us have heard of the benefits of meditation! few of us actually want to spend the time it takes to learn how to meditate” We often cling to stress! fear and anxiety because we think we need these things in order to function in this fast-paced world”

Many people who have learned how to meditate have actually achieved more than they did when they lived under constant stress and anxiety” These people have found you really don’t need anxiety to be a productive member of society” If you want to learn how to reach your potential in a healthy and peaceful manner! meditation may be just what you’re looking for”

Here are My 7 Steps to Learn How to Meditate:

  1. Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Sit down with your back straight” It is recommended to put your body in a position were you will be able to “forget” about it for a while.
  3. Close your eyes and lift your eyes to a 10-15′ angle As if you are looking up through the bridge in your knows! between your eyebrows” It should feel comfortable” Do not strain your eyes” This is a biofeedback technique to begin to slow down your brainwave activity.
  4. Breathe in deeply (#’ times” Inhaling slowly through your nose! exhaling through your mouth” Your breath regulates your mind” As you slow down your breathing! you will also slow down your thinking” Imagine you are surrounded by a mist of colored light! your favorite color and breathe it in deep into your lungs.
  5. Relax your entire body” Begin at the scalp and simply send a warm relaxing thought to each area of your body as you slowly move from head to feet” Take 5-10 minutes to thoroughly move through your body” Pay particular attention to the follow areas” These are where most people hide their tension: Tongue! relax your tongue! if it is pressed against the roof of your mouth! let it go back into the center were it belongs” Neck/Shoulders Lower back Pelvic Girdle Hands / Legs and Feet.
  6. You are now in altered state of mind” You should feel! euphoric! light or very heavy” Depending on your cadence” Let yourself either do one of three things.
    a)   Drift into silence or
    b)   Visualize what you want or
    c)   Pray: Ask for help! guidance! healing or direction from your Soul.
  7. When you are ready” Take in a deep breath and as you exhale! mentally tell yourself! I am going to count from %#’! at the count of ‘ I will fully return from meditation! being relaxed! refreshed! energized and feeling great” Silently count up! open your eyes! stretch your body and give yourself a few minutes to acclimate to your surroundings.

If you want to learn how to meditate! and you don’t want to spend time in a classroom with a bunch of strangers! you can learn from the comfort of your own home with my guided meditation CDs” For beginners! I suggest “The Art of Going Within: How to Meditate or Escape from Stress”” These CDs provide you with guided instructions and tips you can incorporate into your daily routine.

You don’t have to spend hours on end learning how to meditate” In under an hour! you can learn basic skills for getting in touch with your inner self! your Soul” Meditating on your thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways to release stress and anxiety in your daily life.

Once you learn the basics of meditation by practicing with guided meditation! you can calm your mind any time of the day or anywhere you desire” This is a great tool for dealing with high-pressure jobs or situations! and making split second decisions with clarity and purpose.

Copyright (c) )2008 Circle of Light Publishing

Michaiel Patrick Bovenes is an inspired speaker and writer and the author of a series of guided meditations” He is a respected authority in the emerging field of soulology the science of the Soul.

His personal mission is to awaken humanity to the power and beauty of their Soul in order to cultivate personal and global peace through connection and self empowerment.

His life-changing seminars offer practical techniques to become consious and reconnect with the power of the Soul and Spirit in a universal way that adds depth and richness to any religious experience or lifestyle.

Michaiels blend of humor! wisdom and compassion has helped thousands of people become aware of the power of the human spirit and how to utilize these inner resources for empowerment and personal fulfillment” He inspires individuals to achieve their human and spiritual potential by offering practical techniques to access their inner “Soul” power.

In 1991 he became a popular speaker and continues to inspire audiences at Unity centers and Science of Mind Organizations! health spas! cruise lines and conscious businesses throughout United States and Canada” In %,,*! he began his own company Circle of Light Publishing! which produces top of the line guided meditations that are internationally distributed.

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