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The Pot at the End of the Rainbow

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There are undeniably times, within our lifespan, when dark clouds inexplicably settle atop us. “Why is this happening to me? I’m such a good person. I go to work; I do my job. I take the rubbish out; I brush my teeth 3 times a day. I smile at my neighbours and pay my bills duly. I give my seat to the elderly on the train. I just can’t seem to understand, why I deserve being treated this way or feel like as if, nothing is going my way!”

Don’t we all feel disconcerted at one point in our lives? Anything and everything we do, just does not seem to work out. No matter what we do, that big, thick, black, heavy cloud continues to linger and loom above us.
We inevitably and desperately go into “freak” mode. We binge eat; we drink; we smoke like a chimney; party like crazy; indulge in sensual experiences in the hope to escape the darkness, the rain and the thunder that clearly states – we are, in fact, going through a thunderstorm phase of our life. There – Is – No – Escape.

Sometimes life becomes too much to bear, that we feel imbalanced, diluted, distracted, exhausted and ultimately, lost. And our efforts to resist this emotional rollercoaster sends us througha big, fat bill, leaving us emotionally penniless. Here’s when we become, empty.
Been there, done that. For a period of about 7 months last year, all I experienced was, repeated relentless storms in my life. One after another, as a continuum of a horrid weather forecast, perhaps as one such in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India (yes, I googled “rainiest city in the world”). I felt this deep sense of chaos and confusion permeating my every pore. Drenched in fear and despair, gloominess and impotence, it was devastating.

Being a Bolivian, I grew up in a loving family, as all Bolivians are known to be. I always felt in my heart that, no matter what, I could always count on my parents to be there for me. Now, living in Malaysia for over 4 years, I know there’s no hiding under mama’s sweet caresses. Going “home” entails a 40-hour one-way journey, days getting over jet lag, not to mention the crazy cost of hauling myself all the way across the world, on both vertical and horizontal planes. And perhaps, the answer isn’t even in a place itself. How often we travel insane distances, only to find our thoughts drifting back to our problems, locked captive in our minds? Mind you, being under a beach umbrella and sporting a Mojito in hand does help, but once again, it’s a temporary patch in an attempt to answer the greater question – Is this storm ever going to pass? Perhaps!

The solution isn’t in a place at all, nor is it in that Mojito. Perhaps it’s in a state of being.
As we celebrate Peace Week this year, the question that arises in my mind is: What is peace? Can we even fathom to arrive at a concise, objective description of such an ambiguous term? For some it’s a deep exhalation, where all problems fade away and all worries are lifted off our shoulders. For others, it is knowing, they can provide for their families. I’d like to think of Peace as the pot at the end of the rainbow. It doesn’t have much to do with luck, but rather, with abundance and gratitude; with quiet and tranquillity.
We exhaust ourselves searching outwardly for the best umbrella out there, while the storm passes by. In a raging typhoon, “Ain’t no umbrella gonna save you, bro”. My invitation to you during this week’s celebration of World Peace is instead, to learn how to dance in the rain.

External factors cannot and will not move a solid rock. Instead, you’d have to be your own rock. Ground yourself, like a bamboo in the wind; set roots, deep into the Earth and become flexible to withstand the challenges and adversities that present themselves as magical lessons to push you even further towards your evolutionary unfolding. Once grounded, join the dance of life and let your limbs be moved, be swayed, while holding your firm roots and sense of centered-ness, sacred.
Close your eyes. Breathe and trust the process of Life. Open your heart and direct your energy deep into the core of it – there, you shall find your rainbow, and at the end of it, your pot of gold: the Unshakeable Inner Peace. No hopping on a 40-hour plane ride needed. Rather, it’s closing your eyes, receiving each droplet from within as a blessing from above; with arms wide open, smiling and knowing, that everything is going to be all right. Just breathe and travel inwards – this is, after all, the journey Home.

By Olivia Mercado


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