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Healing Flowers by Ramona Keens

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Flowers have always play a significant role in the transition of human development. They have and still signify a vast variety of things to different people. Some regard them as beautifying, some therapeutic whilst others, simply the colour that makes all the difference.

Nonetheless, flowers have from time immemorial become a part of every human expression and symbolize the most influencing emotions of man – from love, to worship and to sorrow.

Like with every situation in life where flowers have provided the calm, the bliss and the appreciation, embarking on the path of motherhood also demands that flowers are to be incorporated as the constant companion, either as decorations around the home or as healing agents.

Having the home adorned with fresh flowers purifies the ambience and they also lend the mood for any one who comes into the ambience. It is vital that you find a selection of flowers that brings appreciation and harmony to the mood of your home. They not only allow you the chance to take a moment in time to live in the moment but also allow other to take the time as well.

As much as you may think this hard to accept but flowers do have all the appropriate components of keeping your mind clear and supplying you with the stamina to enjoy the process of daily living.

Be adventurous and select colours that will brighten up your home as well as add the natural scent that your home requires. Take the time to find out which are your favourite flowers so that you know that at any time you receive them, they are bond to lift your spirits.


Every flower has its own specific meaning, which can vary from love to gratitude or to farewell. Whatever your choice, it would be wise to know the significance of some of the most common flowers and the meaning of their colours.bach-flower



Baby’s Breath Constancy, Purity
Birds of Paradise Joyfullness
Periwinkle Pleasing remembrance, friendsip, healing
Carnations Deep love, Pride
Pink Carnation Emblem of Mother’s Day, woman’s love
Red Carnation Admiration
White Carnation Pure and Ardent Love
Cherry Blossom Feminine Beauty
Red Chrysanthemum Love
White Chrysanthemum Truth
Yellow Chrysanthemum Worship,bliss
Daffodil Unrequited love, Chivalry
Daisy Innocence
Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Jasmine Grace, Elegance
Lotus Strength, perseverance
Marigold Affection
Orchid Rare Beauty
Rose A single rose of any color in full bloom means “I love you”. Two roses put together to form a single stem means an engagement. Stem leaves are a symbol of hope.
Red Rose Passion,love,desire
White Rose Humility,purity
Pink Rose Grace
Yellow Rose Friendship
Star of Bethlehem Reconciliation
Sunflower Adoration
Water Lily Purity of Heart


The Colours of Every flower you bring to your home should also be taken into consideration as they each signify different things

White – The colour of purity, ceremony,elegance and impartiality. It represents a successful beginning as well as solemn peace, which makes it appropriate for births and funerals.

Black – Embodies power, elegance, ritual, obscurity and death. Strictly speaking, black is not a colour but a non-reflective absence of pigment that gives depth and power to other colours

Brown – Symbolizes earth, order, convention and dependability. Found throughout nature, brown complements other colours and conveys the message of simplicity and friendliness

Red – Passion, vitality,aggressiveness and success. Re d stimulates the nerves, increases respiration rates and raises blood pressure. Avoid red colour when suffering from anxiety or high blood pressure.

Orange – Signifies determination, excitement and ambition. Orange increases oxygen to the brain whilst producing an invigoration effect without raising blood pressure.

Yellow – Expresses warmth, happiness and energy. Yellow stimulates mental activity and the motor nerves, which generates energy for muscles this colour can cheer up anyone.

Purple – Merges the stability from the colour blue and the energy from the colour red, suggesting spirituality and authority. One of the most preferred colours universally.

Green – A colour that spells out vitality, freshness and fertility. Green is the most restful colour to the human eye; it relieves tension in blood vessels, lowering blood pressure whilst promoting a sensation of warmth.

Blue – Suggests security, stability, confidence and wisdom. This is the second most powerful colours next to purple, which has the tendency of producing calm and tranquility.

Every flower has its own specific meaning, which can vary from love to gratitude or to farewell. Whatever your choice, it would be wise to know the significance of some of the most common flowers and the meanings of their colours.


One of the best known flowers essence therapies of our times is certainly that of Dr.Edward Bach, who came up with his series of flowers essences known as the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.

The Bach Healing Herbs were made from 38 of his original flower remedies which were used to treat contributory emotional dis-eases. Poor health results when we are in imbalance or are disconnected from the purpose of our life. The living forces of nature from the blossoms of plants are used as healing agents in our physical, astral and spiritual bodies.

Flower essences are an unconventional healing remedy that is used distinctively for emotional healing. They have achieved a great deal of esteem over the past few years. Flower essences or flower remedies, are made from the blooms of specific flowering plants and trees. Do bear in mind that flower essences are entirely unlike essential oils used in aromatherapy. They are comparable to homeopathic remedies and in liquid form. They have barely any smell or taste and the dosage is a very small amount taken several times per day.

Since they are mild and side effect free, essences are an perfect remedy for children and pregnant women. Essences are take orally by putting a couple drops in a small glass of water. Flower essences assist considerable valuable changes emotionally and mentally, which also lead to physical benefits. They are so useful for emotional sensitivity that it is generally thought of as though they were made precisely for the concerns of emphatic ability. In fact, there are many flower essences that exclusively address the needs of sensitive people.


The key to using flower essences properly is to follow the directions on the bottle. Take the recommended dose consistently. If you need, you can increase the dosage by taking them frequently rather than to take them in large amounts. The recommended dosage of a small number of drops is completely sufficient although the recommended dosage varies from brand to brand.



Below are some of Bach’s remedies for certain conditions of daily living:

Agrimony For cheerful people who love peace and who agree to give up much to avoid argument and conflict
Beech To help people to see the good things around them. To encourage tolerance and understanding of others
Crab Apple A cleansing remedy for people who feel as though there is something not quite clean about themselves or who are dissatisfied with their own body
Olive For extreme physical or mental exhaustion, perhaps after an illness or deep stress of some kind
Star of Bethlehem For shock, those in great distress and also to alleviate the effects of deep trauma from the past


Having considered that flowers can make such a big difference in human living , it is important to keep in mind that flowers can empower women to take on so much more, especially during the stages of pregnancy, labour and post-delivery.

What more is that, by staying mentally connected, you almost instinctively extend this sensation to the child in you as well as to those whom you’ve brought to this magical world of wonder.

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