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Nada J.Manicka

“How ignorant is he, who knows all but not himself?”
Validivar: Rosicrucian

A life built around a greater purpose, is a life that is truly fulfilling and exciting.

Look at your life – do you have what you really want?
Certainly, at some point in your life, you must have asked yourself, as you looked back upon your past activities and likewise contemplated your future: “Is this haphazard existence my destiny? Why are we here?” Life is a thoroughfare upon which we find ourselves strangers. It is a vast eternity that begins with birth and ends with death. Nobody knows what happens after death. It is a mystery which either instills fear or if accepted with understanding depending upon the experience we have along this course of life. We did not ask for this life; yet we could not have refused it.

One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality.
-Albert Einstein

How then, shall we react to it?
But man is under a peculiar kind of illusion. He presumes that he has the knowledge and capacity to reason out everything. He seeks for true happiness and a greater meaning to life. He fails to understand that true happiness consists not in the knowledge of good things, but in good life, not in understanding, but living understandingly in harmony with nature.

In their lifelong quest for happiness, people forget that they can secure enduring bliss only by pursuing the spiritual path. Towards the end of their life, when all other sources have failed, they turn to God. One cannot secure real happiness by relying on worldly objects. Only by turning towards the Spirit can one secure bliss. In the quest for bliss, the Vedas have pronounced a caveat. God is incomparable. He cannot be comprehended by logical proofs. All kinds of proofs are of no avail for recognizing God. He is beyond the reach of the mind and speech.

Divine Discourse, October 5, 1989 – Baba
You may or may not believe in the law of Karma and the law of reincarnation; but if this is the beginning and the end of human existence, it is impossible to reconcile the inequalities of life with divine justice. Science’s biggest mystery is the nature of consciousness. It is not that we possess bad or imperfect theories of human awareness; we simply have no such theories at all. All we know about consciousness is that it has something to do with the head, rather than the foot.

Physicist Nick Herbert (Excerpt from The Spiritual Brain – By Dr. Mario Beauregard)

Life is the greatest adventure imaginable. Although some lives are without much interest and excitement, others are full of extraordinary experiences. Imagine what it would be like to know all about the lives of the people who are now on earth, and those who are gone, and those who are yet to come. Why is one man born in a rich family, whereas another child arrives in a poverty-stricken home, only to die of starvation? Why is one person healthy and lives for one hundred years whilst someone else sick all the time and suffering for the rest of his life? Why millions of lives in Africa are at stake because of diseases, for which there is no cure and why are the Eskimos born in the cold north and other people in moderate climates, where the struggle for survival is easier? Why are some born blind, or dead?

Why? If you were God, would you do such unreasonable things? What is the use of living according to the teachings in the scriptures, if life is predestined by a playful God who deliberately creates beings with bodies or brains that are imperfect? Why must people believe in God? It is not wrong if someone claims that he believes in God. He does not create any problem to anybody and nobody has the right to dispute his belief. Most people in the world today believe in God. Who taught them to do it, and how did they get the idea to pray to God? Does God really exist? The mind proclaims that God exist and the heart confirms the notion but the soul within keeps quiet, pretending not to know anything.

True happiness consists not in the knowledge of good things, but in good life,
not in understanding, but living understandingly in harmony with nature.

Are you The Mind, The Heart or the Soul?

Our beliefs are conceptual. To deny or to accept are both merely conceptual. Intellectual concept is not an ‘experience’. The word ‘experience’ as we understand it connotes ‘something’ physical, sensual, emotional or a practical acquaintance with facts and events. When someone claims that God exist, it is merely a belief and it is not an experience. For everything today, people seek evidence of direct perception or experience. They are not prepared to accept anything which is not amenable to the proof of direct perception. This is really a sign of ignorance. Direct perception is associated with many afflictions. All evidence based on the perceptions of the sense organs is vitiated by this defect. When the sense organs themselves are subject to change, how can they be regarded as infallible indicators of absolute truth? Senses which are liable to change cannot be the means of arriving at the unchanging Reality.

Baba: Divine Discourse, Oct 5, 1989
The process of reasoning alone without subjective interpretation was known as ‘scientific reasoning’ or ‘scientific rationalism’. Scientific rationalism is an approach that ignores the role of consciousness in the discovery of the nature of ‘reality’or ‘truth’.


Because of his blindness, man blunders and stumbles in life. Some people are sick with jealousy, others with anger, and hatred.

They are victims of their habits and emotions.

John Watson (Founder of Behavioural Science)
Spirituality today has become more varied, but it is growing all over the world. The search for the ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ that started thousands of years ago has prompted speculations, fears and some wild guesses – but most of all, a compelling curiosity and a desire to investigate has grown. The investigation will last until the end of human existence.

Nobody knows how it started and when it started. But most people may not be aware of the truth as they hardly take the interest to find out about what is happening around them today. They are rather occupied in the worldly activities searching for other things in life. A variety of experts of the mid-twentieth century had predicted that spirituality would slowly but surely disappear one day. Once supplied with abundant material goods, people would just stop thinking about God and religion. Today most people have lost interest in religion while some people are misusing it for their personal material gain. There are also some people who follow certain religious practices with blind faith while others follow them as tradition and customs without knowing the real meaning of their practices. Most people who follow a variety of teachings stick to none. Their choices are usually influenced by curiosity and imitation, rather than by any logical reason or necessity. Some people adopt a particular spiritual path, hoping to reach the destination of truth and wisdom; but they often become sidetracked and as they keep trying new ways for the thrill of a change, they end up with confusion and disappointments.

They never reach their goal. It is always the unknown in every day’s activities that causes us worry, concern, perplexity, and even suffering. In years since your youth, you must have become well acquainted with many things once unknown to you. Today you know them well, you can see them, prepare for them, it is a power no one has taught you and no one can take away from you. But even now, you are doubtful and not too sure of the happenings around you and you are not fully prepared to face certain obstacles in your life. If you have not given any thought to it, start to investigate now the still unknown elements of your existence – the mysteries that make for the inequalities between men.

Events, experiences and the whole world keep moving away from behind us. When we look back, we find that it has gone and there is nothing we can do about the past. We are left to face the present and soon the future. There is no specific rule that says we cannot look back but we can gain much, if we do so wisely. But still there is another question lingering in our minds, when is this world going to end and how will it happen?

The world is just like a mental hospital enshrouded by darkness. Because of his blindness, man blunders and stumbles in life. Some people are sick with jealousy, others with anger, and hatred. They are victims of their habits and emotions. The lifespan of man is brief. Sustained by food, he seeks pleasures, suffers then dies. If that is what we are here for, how insignificant life would be then? No one wants to die and everyone wants to live as long as he can. This tendency is not only visible individually but also collectively in the community, society and nation. There is a hard struggle for life by all kinds of living entities. The living being is eternal by nature but due to the bondage in material existence, man has to change his body over and over. This is how the law works and this process is called transmigration of the soul.

The living entity has to work for his livelihood because that is the law of material nature, and if he does not act according to his prescribed duties, he transgresses the law of nature and binds himself more and more to the cycle of birth and death. Other life forms are also subject to the cycle of birth and death, but when the living entity attains a human life, he gets a chance to get free from the law of action. We must always remember that this particular bodily form is obtained after an evolution of many millions of years and after many long transmigration. We are given this human birth to attain the highest perfection in life. As human beings we are not meant for simply solving economic problems or finding solutions for technological problems in the IT world. This world is in serious trouble now. The world is like a burning house that is forever being destroyed and rebuilt. The world is full of suffering. Birth is suffering, old age is suffering, and sickness and death are sufferings. To be separated from beloved one is suffering; to lose our children is suffering; to be vainly struggling to satisfy one’s need is suffering.

In fact, life that is free from desire and passion is always in distress. The cause of human suffering is undoubtedly found in the thirsts of the physical body and in the illusions of worldly passion. Many men and women resign themselves to the influences of their environment and they allow themselves to be drowned or impelled along this causeway of life. They are like snow balls, rolling down at a furious speed from the top of a great mountain. One moment, they are free, out in the open, encountering no obstacles but the next moment, they have collided with unanticipated events and happenings. This is what they see in life, moments of distress and pain. They are at a loss to avoid these conditions or to rise above them. Thus they travel day and night through the years, sometimes wondering if the vicissitudes of life, the bitterness, the pains, are worth the price, worth the occasional pleasures and snatches of peace of mind which come their way. Protect yourself within the fortress of wisdom. There is no greater safety. The surest way to be free from suffering is to lead a natural life: a life in harmony with God.

Life is too precious. Banish all darkness by God’s light, and evil thoughts by good thoughts. Be good, do good. Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realize. Eliminate temptation by discovering His superior attraction in meditation. Meditation leads you more and more inward, from the gross to the subtlest, to the Supreme Spirit. Meditation is the medicine for the mind and not for the brain because the brain depends on food to function whereas the mind that controls the faculty of consciousness and thought functions independently. This knowledge is ancient. It belongs to no sect or creed, but to those whose home is the earth.

“A meditation is well done, if all you did was fight distraction.”

There is no knowledge without meditation. During meditation we are learning to be the masters of our own energy. Meditation is a sincere practice of perfecting our ability to offer ourselves totally to God. During every meditation let us be grateful for the opportunity to practice becoming stronger in ourselves. Mind becomes as transparent and pure as a crystal.

The Daily Meditator

Never think that God does not answer your prayers. Every word you have whispered to Him, He has written in His heart and some day He will answer you.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Life is a mission. Every other definition of life is false, and leads all who accept it astray. Religion, science, philosophy though still at variance upon many points, all agree in this: that every existence is an aim. Life is what you make of it. An intelligent plan well directed can provide personal power and attainment. YL


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