About Us


As the premier yoga magazine, we are committed to bringing the yoga community together, to balance and to harmonize our need of a united brotherhood.

We are not only the Premier Yoga magazine in Malaysia, we are also premier in South East Asia – thus, we are the voice of South East Asia.

YOGALife has been in existence since 2006 and has had the privilege of associating itself to big brands like Deepak Chopra, The Hugging Saint Amma, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Prem Joshua and Jai Uttal to name a few. In its tenure of existence, YOGALife has also been media partners for some international events such as:

  • Evolution – Awakening Consciousness Conference 2008 Hong Kong;
  • Yoga Journal Conference Thailand 2008; and
  • World Spirit Festival Bali 2008;
  • YogaZone World Conference Malaysia 2009 and there are many more under our belt!

Re-emerging this year with a fresher perspective and a discerning need to reignite the yogi within our audiences, to take their practise within and beyond the shores of our land, YOGALife, is a born-again.

YOGALife is a bi-monthly magazine that presents essentials for the experienced yogis, tips for beginners, intrigue for the curious and features and articles for anyone seeking an authentic life of balance and abundance.

Priced at RM 16.00 (WM) RM18.00 (EM) a copy, we produce 6 issues a year with a 300,000 circulation locally and internationally. Our distribution is among newsstands, major bookshops, yoga studios, fitness centres, wellness centres, healing centres, resort hotels, spas, 5* restaurants and organic centres.

As Malaysia’s premier yoga-lifestyle magazine, we are dedicated to connect, empower and motivate our readers, with coverage of healthy and holistic lifestyle, based on centuries old yogic principles, against the backdrop of a modern landscape.

Our mission is to explore the fullest potential of living holistically healthy and incorporating wellness in every parcel of existence. We give voice to contemporary yoga-lifestyle living.